Get to know 3 activities filled with beauty and adrenaline in order to end the year

Andreína Peñaloza | Dec 30, 2017
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If your year ends or starts in the Happy Island then here are 3 activities that will make you hallucinate in this special time:

Jetlev: An attraction that is bases on flying above the sea, through water propulsion. The adventure starts on the sand. There, you get on the attraction. like the seat of a rollercoaster. Then, you adjust the belts and walk towards the water, all of this with an instructor, very nice and prepared to teach about this encounter with technology and nature. From there, an engine starts and gives you the speed over the water, thanks to a hose connected to an engine, similar to a water boat. It has 225 speed horses and a pumping design for 1000 gallons of water per minute. Asides from withstanding up to 220 kilos of drive, which can push the pilot forward up to 30 feet above the sea (depending on the person practicing it). However, it is ourselves the ones that sail this almost “space ship like” apparatus. The instructor accompanies you at all times and talks to you through the helmet you are wearing, whilst he sees you from the pier. Also, a second instructor is looking after you at sea.

HoverBoard: In a time in which technology makes amazing advances, the scooter from the movie Back to the Future with “Marty McFly” is possible if we sail over water. Its name is Hoverboard and it Works through propulsion from a water boat that gives it strength through a hose connected to the board.

We started dreaming with the flying scooter when in 1989, in Back to the Future II, Michael J. Fox would get on a board without wheels which floated centimeters from the ground. With it, he would go through half the city, flying even above water. If you manage to visualize this scene, you will be very happy on a Hoverboard in Palm Beach because through the “Red Sail” company you will enjoy Hollywood style.

The idea is to get on the board and get your balance just as the propulsion puts you flying over the sea. You must have your back straight and bend your knees a bit so that you will have the best posture on the board and have a blast.

The Hoverboard is without a doubt, one of the activities I have enjoyed the most in the Happy Island. Its fusion of speed and connection with nature is amazing.

Kayak: It is the ideal way to get across the shades of blue of the Happy Island. This is why we went to Laguna Española. It is a sensational place to sail with ARUBA KAYAK ADVENTURE whom, very kindly and by the hand of “Tico Gonzalez”, gav us the best tips to travel on a Kayak in Aruba. Read the 9 tips to sail on a Kayak here:

Aruba is the perfect island to practice adventure sports. Which is your favorite extreme sport?

See you in 2018. Masha Danki Dushi!

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