Kitesurfing teaches you is all about letting it flow

Andreína Peñaloza | Nov 19, 2016
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Life has different ways to show us which is the best road to do things right and always feel happy about our actions. As an Extreme Sports journalist and passionate practicant I have found the best metaphors in life in all of these disciplines that make my heart pump.
One of my favorite Adventure Sports is Kitesurf. In order to practice it is a kite, similar to the one used in wind-surfing that it’s secured to the athlete’s waist through four or five lines joined by a bar and this one is attached to a harness. In order to slide over the sea, a board is used which allows the kite-surfer to sail over the waves. All of this thanks to the impulse of the wind that is managed manipulating the kite with dexterity.kite-aruba
It’s a sport with a controlled risk, very showy from the shore where it’s easily appreciated how easy is to suddenly fall down if there’s no ability in its practice.
In Venezuela I’ve had the pleasure of taking a couple of courses in Adícora, Falcón state and in El Yaque, Margarita. Both beaches are incredible for the riders. Even though the way in which the wind enters the beach varies, the theory is the same: you have to move the kite in an eight shape and not hold on to the bar but flow with the kite.
These las t words are dictated by each teacher that had given me classes, from Aruba at the Fisherman’s Hut to Los Taques, Falcón state. It’s easy to say “don’t hold on to the bar and flow with the kite” but in practice is complicated because our instinct is to hold on to things, people and moments. Therefore, flowing is complex because it means to really believe in something that you’re not seeing clearly yet. Furthermore, you must assume, believing that it will all be well. That’s life for me, sometimes letting go you gain more.
One day I understood that this analogy was valid for life as well because detachment is so difficult for us. It’s difficult to let go of moments and on the other hand is not that simple to flow with the waves of life. However, just like Kitesurfing, I’m sure that it’s a lot more true and satisfactory to apply these lessons in our lives because on this road, everything is about letting it flow.

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