On two wheels: Motocrossing through Aruba

Andreína Peñaloza | Sep 27, 2017
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Motocross is an extreme sport that had always caught my eye. It is a mixture of adrenaline, with speed on two wheels, and definitely something I wanted to try. So when I went to the happy island and met Mike Van Der Werk from the team “Los Viejos de Aruba” (whom have been practicing Motocross in Aruba for years), I knew that an adrenaline shot was coming, alongside amazing views.

Therefore, we coordinated everything in order to leave on the next day to a special route, near the ruins and the natural bridge. In the wildest side of the island, right across the sea. This road was filled with dirt, some rocks, crossings through cacti, with ups and downs. It was incredible for me! Although it was an easy route for the guys of this group, we all enjoyed a lot with the excellent weather the island always regales us with.

Talking with Mike, he told me his favorite route was “Highway to Hell”, located in the National Arikok. This can be taken in MTB bike or in Enduro Motocross and it is characterized for being very tough (hence, the name of the route).




About Enduro Motocross

The magic of Enduro Motocross is all about freedom. These are very complex routes where people do not go walking, nor any other type of transportation. Therefore, it is a close encounter with nature, with the motorcycle and you as the pilot of the road.

The most important thing is to concentrate in moving forward and looking ahead. In addition, the safety measures while driving. If you think you will not be able to cross or it is very difficult, you will probably fall because here, the mind plays a fundamental role.

Los Viejos de Aruba

This group started when various lovers of the sport met each other and “Bob Janse” decided to open a chat group called “Los Viejos de Aruba”. Later, more men joined and there are riders from 25 to 49 years of age currently. They all live in Aruba and it is a mix between bartenders, lawyers, pilots, mechanics and businessmen.

I was very fortunate to be, for a day, a part of this team.

Currently, these types of motorcycles are not rented in Aruba. The nearest thing are the Moto 4 Ruedas (Four Wheel Motorcycles), which go through the same route I did with them. Another option is with the Aruba Motorcycle Tours operator.

As a team, they are studying the possibility of creating a company to rent Enduro Motocross and organize upcoming events, in order to invite their friend around the world who are fans of this discipline.

Would you dare racing Enduro Motocross?

Masha Danki Dushi!

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