Global Kite: a 360 vision of the wind at BCN

Andreína Peñaloza | Oct 19, 2017
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Global Kite is a school managed by Marc Argensó, an authentic businessman, whom at 48 years of age is the leader of the Global Kite Club. A place that, more than a school, it’s a Beach Club where every day you can do a diverse number of activities.

“We are wind hunters”, Marc says during our interview. Although they are located in Castelldefels, they are constantly searching for the places with the best conditions for Kiteboarding practice in Cataluña. For this reason, Global Kite defines itself as a mobile school, 365 days a year.

They offer a membership for those who want to sail but still do not have the equipment and also for those that do have their equipment but are looking to improve their level.

About kiteboarding in Barcelona

Barcelona has different spots near the capital. The wind varies in the time of year but you can always catch some if you learn to find the correct way of Reading the different meteorological pages. The wind tends to be low and therefore a lot of big kites can be seen at the beach. However, this is not a problem for Kitesurf lovers, because if you are part of the Club Global Kite, there is equipment and different styles and sizes. Always keep in mind that they wind can go lower or higher during the same day.

In Sant Pere Pescador (Cataluña province), a strong wind enters during August, and you can see the famous Catalan Rita Arnaus whom just conquered the second position the Kiteboarding World Tour, in the Turkey spot, of the World Kiteboarding League.

Another Catalan of great prestige Gisela Pulido, who was born in Barcelona and left to Tarifa, some years ago, for greater training and managing the 10 world titles goal in Freestyle.

About Snowkite

Snowkite is a variation of Kiteboarding. The principles for maneuvering the kite are the same, but the mountain wind changes a lot and it is not linear, as it usually is at the sea. They move with a Snowboard board on the snow. Here the position of the legs changes a little because you have to stand up a bit more, and that is why  Global Kite  introduces the students in the sand in order to get started with Snowkite.

The season to practice this extreme sport is when it starts to snow because you slide through the winds, over the mountains. Marc confessed to us that “the magic of this sport is the calmness you feel. Because it is practiced in the far away mountains in remote places with wind, there are not a lot of people normally. I open the way and put the flags so that the athletes that come behind me know where they have to go. I love being able to feel the wind during the entire year, and with Snowkite, it is even possible doing it on the snow.”

For me, as an adrenaline fan, it would be a fascinating and novel experience because I have never sled on the snow and the most similar thing has been Sandbaoarding  in the Coro Dunes. So I will probably spend some time with Global Kite on the snow of Cataluña during the next winter.



Surf with Global Kite

Its main headquarters are in Castelldefels. However, when there are flat days (without waves), they move to nearby beaches. They have to the disposition of the Club different vans in order to transport the students to beaches with the proper conditions.


Do it!

If your thing is nature and extreme sports, contact Marc Argensó. He is a very nice and professional Catalan with whom you will be able to have an amazing experience with the entire work team of Global Kite.

Contact then in their website and enjoy the wind and the waves of Cataluña!

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