Skydiving in Aruba with a New Year’s feel

Andreína Peñaloza | Dec 14, 2017
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Getting on a plane and jumping off with the certainty that the parachute will open is a feeling just like that of the end of the year.

The reason is that we decide to do something new (2018 resolutions) with the same conviction that we have when we jump off a plane. After this (12:00am) you realize that it was not as easy as you had envisioned and right then is when the real action begins.

Freefalling while skydiving you reach more than 220Km/h and it is something exhilarating, just like life itself.


My real experience with Skydive Aruba

At the happy island you can enjoy the adrenaline of Skydive. There is only one company that is dedicated to show you an amazing perspective of all the shades of magical blue from the Caribbean Arubian Sky.

Skydive Aruba, with years of experience on the island and its other headquarters in Miami make of this tandem experience (two people flight with the instructor= is a reason to be more awake than ever.

They picked me up at the  Brickell Bay hotel where I was staying, in a well-identified van of the school. From there, we went to the private airport of the island where you even have to show your passport in order to gain access to the runway (so do not leave it at your room).

The plane is perfect to jump and the vibe from the instructors is fabulous. They demonstrate professionalism with an extreme and fun attitude towards life.

Jumping to the unknown

As I said at the beginning it is about life itself. An extreme metaphor that I found 10,000-foot-high, amongst the cold and white clouds.

Although what is “natural” for our human species is to safeguard it, doing this type of activities makes us feel more alive than before jumping.

You sit on the plane, very close to the instructor (literally). With some weird lenses that will allow you to appreciate the beautiful view. Ready…set, go! are the key words that you will listen to and know you are going into the unknown.

The flight

It was almost a minute of freefalling where even screaming doesn’t make any sense. Here is about feeling, seeing, smelling. All of these are unique and magic-filled sensations.

Once the freefall is over, the instructor opens the parachute and a much more calmed descent starts. Ere, the relaxation flows throughout your body and you feel confident and prepared. You can even take charge of the flight if the instructor allows you to.

The fall in the landing

A lot of times I have hear people tell me that they avoid skydiving because it scares them. Maybe due to fear of spraining an ankle or their knees. However, it is good that they know that there is no risk because the instructor is the one that receives the impact when you land. As beginners, we put or legs up on a straight angle, with our legs completely extended. It is even our “booty” the one that touches slightly down and then we get up with our feet.


An almost undescribable feeling is what I felt after jumping with Skydive Aruba. You reflect on the value of life and it is an active motivation to go for more. Be it at sport, personal life or at work. You understand that nothing can stop you and you feel absolutely empowered with yourself.

Here is my video, I hope you will enjoy it and decide to live this adventure because happiness is found when we overcome our fear of the unknown. So start challenging yourself in this closing year and get ready for 2018.

Masha Danki Dushi!

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