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Phuket Kitesurfing: awesome spot in Thailand

Andreína Peñaloza | Apr 11, 2020
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I recently traveled to Phuket to fulfill my dream of sailing in Thai waters. A trip I made from Barcelona to Bangkok, and then the south of the Asian country.


It was there that I met Dave Barnes, the founder of KiteZone Thailand and his partner Bua who have been running a kite school for more than 15 years in one of the most privileged spots I’ve seen because it’s right on the seafront, 2 steps from the shore.


The school currently has the best teachers in the world because most of them are very good kitesurfers who like to teach and are looking for Dave Barnes to teach them. “For example, in December, there was a Red Bull event and the champion is here today teaching,” said Dave.


kitesurf tailandia


Weather conditions

Phuket is windy all year round. However, there are two seasons, with or without rain. Although Dave says that in the rainy season storms make the wind stronger and more intense, people usually come to southern Thailand in the sunny season to enjoy the scenery more fully. This begins in November and lasts until May.

The wind in Phuket comes in only one directions, sometimes in the morning, other in the afternoon and also it can last the hold day.

In relation to the sea, it is choppy. The most interesting thing to consider are the tides, which I experienced first hand because from being two steps away of the sea (we did not see where the sea began). At this moment there, was no wind so I just watched. If there was a wind at low tide, you could walk to the sea but always with a guide who would explain to you what to do when the tide came in. As always, it is important to talk to the people who work at the school so that they can advise you on how to sail.



Interview with Dave Barnes founder of KiteZone Thailand

People usually have a “life dream” when they decide to work hard for their goals and this is the case of Dave Barnes who was a construction worker in the UK and got to know Thailand through work. Little by Little, he understood the economy of the country and decided to bet on staying there.

Thanks to his partner and wife, they organize everything with impressive results. After 15 years Dave speaks Thai and manages like a local. He feels happy and satisfied with the life he leads. He shows his joy by coordinating the team of 20 people that accompanies him every day so that clients from all over the world feel well taken care of and take away a beautiful memory of the winds of southern Thailand.


dave barnes phuket tailandia
Dave Barnes



About Kitesurfing in the world

Kitesurfing is an increasingly popular sport in the world. It started in the 80’s and is now very popular. People of any age can start kiting because it takes more practice and technique than strength. In KiteZone Thailand I saw grandparents doing kitesurfing and they really enjoyed learning, in Venezuela and Brazil I have seen little ones from the age of 8 years old riding the seas.

It’s a sport of patience and coordination, more than strength and that’s why practice in this case also makes the master.


phuket kitesurfing
By Alvaro GM

My experience in KiteZone Thailand

I was in the school for one day only and i will keep it in my memories for a livetime. If you’re looking for a new spot I would definitely recommend Thailand. A country full of history, mysticism, temples, street culture, paradise islands and, of course, a tremendous school in Phuket.

Remember that you can contact them through their website and their Facebook or Instagram. If you visit them, please send them a big hug full of good vibes from me.





















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