Would you practice kiteboarding in a pool?

Andreína Peñaloza | Mar 02, 2017

A flatwater spot with different shades of blue and ideal wind to Kitesurf. It does exist: it’s called “Saqui Saqui” and is located in the Los Roques Archipelago in Venezuela. Asides from being a natural pool it has an amazing white sand key a little bit further than a mile from the Gran Roque (towards the east). It has a space of 700mt2 that is locally known as “The Pool” and is 2 to 3 ft Deep, ideal for classes and improving Kiteboarding skills.

Saqui Saqui is a key northwest to the Archipelago that has fantastic conditions for this activity. The school I got to know at this spot is called “Play Los Roques” and they use this natural blessing since approximately three years ago. The wind season in Los Roques usually starts in December and extends until July. These last three years however, the season has been a bit more king and has gifted wind almost the entire year.

In knot terms, the mean for Los Roques during the season is from 18 to 25 knots and 10 to 16 off-season.

I had the pleasure of sailing with clean and constant wind during my two-day experience in Saqui Saqui. Being here is marvelous because you get to enjoy many things simultaneously: warm water, seeing the flora and fauna of Los Roques as well as the big brain corals, fish and with a bit of luck, stingrays and cat sharks. Asides from this visual cocktail, the vibe at the key is very interesting because here two more schools converge and a lot of riders are looking to have an adrenaline-fueled day.


About Play Los Roques

Play begun with the Venezuelan César Espinoza, who lived in the South of Spain, very close to Tarika (the Kite Mecca). After dedicating a great part of his life to surf and paragliding, he went to Los Roques with some Spanish friends and saw it as a touristic destination for riders from around the world. That’s why he decided to create a Kitesurfing school in this town that is considered the third ideal place in the world for practicing this sport. During the last six years, Play Los Roques has evolved and generated work for different local talents, turning them into instructors IKO. Furthermore, they want to encourage more athletes to participate in this sport.

Each day Play Los Roques grows with more local tourists from Venezuela and other countries. They offer different experiences in the Archipelago, from initial courses, sport clinics to KiteSafaris throughout different routes and keys.

Learn more about this school on their website http://www.playlosroques.com/