Beach Bar El Yaque at the seashore

Andreína Peñaloza | Feb 15, 2017

I constantly visit El Yaque beach. Its warm waters and wind make me constantly fall in love with this champion’s small town. It’s a spot that besides having a wonderful natural court it has a gastronomic diversity that amazes me. That’s why I always go to Beach Bar, a restaurant located on the sand (literally) filled with good vibes, music and incredible atmosphere.

This place will turn 7 years in May and it’s a concept created by Alessando Calicchia and Ali Hage.

Alessandro is originally from Caracas and he moved to the Island of Margarita 10 years ago. He arrived opening a franchise and working in a liqueur distributing company on the marketing section.

How was the beginning of Beach Bar?

Since my friends were my clients, Ali Hage told me to go to El Yaque one day, he said that it’d be a good idea to set a business there because Alí already had the Beach Bar at Pampatar. We saw an opportunity and on the next day he told me “the business is ours”. I started working here but kept my office job until one day I understood that I could quit and dedicate myself fully to the Beach Bar El Yaque.

It started as a party bar in El Yaque. So a lot of people would come to our events. We even had more than 2,000 people at the local adjacencies. For any Caracas DJ it was an honor to play at these parties because they were incredible. They were 5 solid years selling the best party experience by the seashore. Then they started eliminating international flights that arrived directly to Margarita and that’s why we betted on national tourism. Now we decided to lower this party trend and this amount of events has currently decreased.

What are you focused on currently? 

We are adapting to our new public. We’re currently focused on having the best cuisine and that’s why the plates you eat here are more exquisite each time. Our chefs are better and better and at the moment we’re a Happy Bar. We want people to come and have a good time, enjoy the delicious cocktails and have a nice time by the seashore. During the day and until late nights we have dinners and good music.

What’s the most popular dish?

Our plates are catalogued under “fresh from the sea cuisine”. The most popular are the “Plantains baskets” and there are five different options: Cheese and grated salad, Chicken and guacamole, Seafood, Fish ceviche and Tuna tartar.

Our flagship plate is “Grilled Octopus” that comes with crunchy plantain and a bed of guacamole. It’s an exquisite combination.

The “Snapper Flower” is also one of our more popular options. It comes in fresh shrimp’s sauce.

Regarding cocktails, which are the best in your opinion?

The “Coco Beach” comes as a creamy cocktail and of course the “Beach Bar Mojito” that people love because is traditional, with peppermint, very tasty.

What options do you have for dessert?

We have classic desserts that are very good to accompany the salty food from the sea. People always want chocolate so we offer the Brownie and the Chocolate Marquise. We also have Pannacota and Passion Fruit Mousse which also sells very well because it’s citrus and is very attractive at the beach. They’re all very delicious because we have very capable chefs.

Do you think the Beach Bar El Yaque supports the sport community?

Yes, a lot of sports’ events take place here. Is the land of Windsurf and there’s a lot of Kitesurfing being practiced here currently. We support the events that take place here and we are even on the uniform of the National Championship WK because we want to maintain the sports’ spirit in this town of champions.

What are your goals with Beach Bar?

I recently obtained the concession for a place in Parguito Beach and I opened Beach Bar Parguito. I wanted to pay Ali Hage with the same coin and that’s why he’s my partner as well in that location. My goals are to keep Beach Bar growing and be able to transform for the best always, in quality and service. We also have a Spa section in Parguito and a lot of people have told us that they feel at a “Beach Club “ there because we also offer shower services.

Alessandro is a person that cares about the environment which is why he’s leading an awareness campaign in order to take care of the beach. There are messages at the place for people not to throw away their cigarettes butts on the sand, others to

please take away their trash and also about the effect that throwing paper on the sand and the sea has on nature.

He’s a person committed to Venezuela that wants to keep going and supporting the Island of Margarita.

If you visit El Yaque get to know this fabulous place filled with good vibe. It’s located almost in the middle of the beach. You can seat at the beds of the places or in the beach beds and umbrellas between Beach Bar and the sea. It’ll be a very gratifying experience.