Álvarez sisters, with the “V” of Venezuela

Andreína Peñaloza | Mar 13, 2017

Valentina and Vicky Álvarez are two talented sisters that enjoy Kiteboarding to the maximum. Their beginnings took place 4 years ago with the Club EstredoYaque and since that moment, there are few days in which they don’t sail in the warm waters of this town of champions.

Valentina is currently 13 years old but it was at only 9 years of Age when she got started with “León Estredo” who taught here everything from scratch. “I am very thankful to Leo for teaching me so much”. Valentina states that this town is very homey and is happy to be able to train here.

Victoria, better known as “Vicky”, did Kite for the first time in Adícora with her cousins from the Chicho´s Posada Gilberd, Keko and Maria Pía Di Fiore. Together with her family, they moved from El Tigre to the island of Margarita and it was in El Yaque where she really fell in love with the sport, the town and the kind people. “When I’m here I feel like home even though I reside in Porlamar.”

What have been your results in competitions?

Valentina: I have been competing for a while and even though at first, it was hard and I would be tangled in the heats, I got second place in 2014 and 2015 and I won the National Championship in Amateur Slalom in 2016.

Vicky: I am competing since 2014 and even though my start in the competition was not easy at all, it was in 2015 that I got a better position in the national ranking and I became national champion in the Racing category. Right now, I am also competing in the Professional category, in Slalom.

What are your goals as athletes?

Valentina: My goal is getting to compete out of the country, representing Venezuela. It might be in different categories, even Freestyle, which I like a lot. The important thing would be to represent my country.

Vicky: I would like to keep rising in levels and train hard to be better each day and measure against competitors from other countries in the Racing category, which is my favorite.

Do you imagine Kiteboarding as your lifestyle?

Valentina: I would love Kite to be always my job but is also very important to go to college and get a career.

Vicky: The best thing in life is living doing what you like and if Kite could be my job and I could do it my entire life, it would be the best. I currently study tourism here in Margarita and I take every chance I have to go to the water.

How has been your parents’ support?

Valentina: We would not be here without them. The support they have given us is enormous and I will always be thankful. As well as the Estredo family whom have always been there for us.

Vicky: Our parents have always had our backs, even with the economic situation of the country; they have always been there for us. They take us to all the competitions and go with us to our training each weekend in El Yaque. Besides that, we have had the support of Leo Estredo, he is part of the family and has dedicated himself completely to polish us as athletes in and out of the water.

Who are your sponsors?

Valentina: The Kite F-ONE sponsors us and we are both part of the TeamVzlaKite. I have recently gotten the support of the bathing suit brans @JohyMombasa for which I am very thankful.

Vicky: Luis Benedetii passed away recently, he carried the Brand for Venezuela and I am very thankful to him because he was the first one to believe in us and gave us his trust with the equipment. Luis always saw our potential and helped us a lot. I will always be thankful to him. After his demise, F-ONE Venezuela will continue to support us and we are very glad to continue with the Brand with which we have grown.


The Álvarez sisters want that more girls, Young women and women entered the Kite world. They constantly hear comments about the fear that surrounds the sport and, on the contrary, it has only brought satisfactions for them. “We want to invite more girls in because there are few of us in the Championships”. They both are the living example that to do Kite you only need to want it.

A lot of success for these champions that carry the “V” for Venezuela to the top!