Windy season arrived to Aruba and Kiteboarding is proof of it

Andreína Peñaloza | Nov 17, 2017

The Caribbean is a Paradise for every one and it is more so for kitesurfers due to its winds, warm waters, White sands and astonishing shades of blue. All of this makes it a dreamy spot for kitesurfers of the world.


About windy season in Aruba:

In Aruba, the season normally starts mid-November and it continues during December, January, February, March, April, and May. Depending on the year it can even include June or July. For this reason, the “new windy season” is now in Aruba and the athletes know it, and they have become part of the landscape sailing with their kites.

The sky is full of color with the kites at two spots in Aruba:

Fisherman Huts: Located next to Palm Beach it is a beautiful beach, extremely centric. With a crystal clear sea which allows you to sail with an amazing view. The wind is better once you leave the shore because near the sand is very turbulent. When you leave the hotel area you can sail on a flat sea, deep and warm. There are different schools that rent Kite equipment, give assistance and also the complete course for the next addicts to speed on the sea. The wind comes from the shore to the sea (off shore). For this reason, if it is your first time in Aruba or you are a beginner, I recommend renting a boat with one of the schools or ask for assistance.

Boca Grandi: Its diverse shades of blue make the difference amongst the rest of the windy beaches because they are more intense. Is far from the Aruban population which makes it even more special and different. To get in, there are big waver where only advanced surfers may sail. The wind is more constant and goes from the sea to the sand (on shore). In this beach there are no schools nor services for kitesurfers. Its beauty is a 100% natural and it is advisable to bring all your equipment, drinking water, and snacks in order to enjoy an intense Kitesurfing session in Aruba.

About Kitesurf schools: There are different options, right now I will talk to you about “Armandos Kite Shack”. They are located at the “Fisherman’s Huts” and they have excellent certified instructors. They are open seven days a week and give supervised boat lessons and their service is incredible. They also offer packages on the island with extreme sports tours. More info on their website:

If watching is your thing:

I have met a lot of people that would love to watch the sport (because it is really fantastic) and if you are one of those I recommend that you go, specifically to the

Aruba Hi Winds. The competition that gathers athletes from all around the world, being catalogued as the most important event of the Caribbean in extreme water sports. It is a competition in which Kitesurf and Windsurf become the starts in this extreme and happy island.

I go every year since 2013. See you at the next edition?

¡Masha danki dushi!