My first encounter with a shark

Andreína Peñaloza | Mar 30, 2017

Sharks are marine species very important for the ecosystem. Even though it is an animal feared by many people and there are even those that think they should be killed; reality is that sharks are more or less dangerous depending on the species.

I specifically encountered a “Cat Shark” in my last trip to Los Roques. A very particular species that can normally be found in caves during the day, where they go to seek refuge and rest. My experience occurred while I was diving with ADC Los Roques, a team that offers different excursions throughout the archipelago. My guide was Adrián Rondón (DiveMaster) and our partner and photographer was Francisco García. We went with them to the diving point “Boca de Cote-Las Gatas”, a name that was honored that day thanks to the two-meter friend that we met that day. We knew it was a female because even Adrián and Francisco noticed that she was pregnant. She was inside a cave and when the three of us got near to watch her and even take pictures she remained calm. An amazing animal inspired a lot of respect and adrenaline in me, maybe because of the implications it has seeing one of its fins. However, I knew that this species does not bite but it suctions its food, so it is very unlikely that it will get a bite out of you.

After spending a few minutes admiring this beauty at -12 meters of depth, we continued to dive and observed marine flora and fauna. Los Roques is definitely an incredible paradise for divers that wish to fill their days with bubbles.

At the end of this immersion, we went to our boat and captain Chalao took us to a spot with even more crystalline water, which already seemed impossible. We dropped anchor near a mangrove swamp to eat fruits and enjoy the food we had brought from Aquarena Los Roques, they spoiled me with gastronomic delicatessen that I enjoyed during my sporting activities. At night, I was able to get a full rest with the homely warmth offered by Casa Tramonto Los Roques, a very beautiful and comfortable option to spend the night in Gran Roque.

They say that “nothing is perfect” but if there is anything like a perfect day, it was this experience that life and ADC Los Roques gifted me.

Thanks a lot!