Sandboard, an outstanding extreme sport in Venezuela

Andreína Peñaloza | Jun 21, 2017

Sandboard is a sport that is practiced in Venezuela and other countries. The Dunes of Morocco and Peru are the most famous for sand sliding. In Venezuela we have the “Médanos de Coro” (or Coro Sand Dunes), a magical place in Falcón state. This sport is considered the brother of SnowBoard because they have the same action principles. Balance must be obtained while sliding through soft sand mountains on top of a board. Posture on top of the board is similar to Surf because it is all about flexing your knees, putting your hips a bit forward and surging on the sand.

This sport grows by the day and it is very fun and fueled with adrenaline. The most important thing is doing it with a professional that gives you all the necessary tips for having a great experience, although you might fall down a couple of times, sand is very friendly and the fall tends to be kinds. The sport started in the 70s, in the United States, and later, it spread, reaching a peak during the 90s, in Brazil.

My practice begun in the early morning. Usually, Sandboard is practiced at that time or during the late afternoon; this is to avoid the inclement Sun and overheated sand. The sensation in the morning is very pleasant because, paradoxically, during the night, it is very cold and when we touch the dunes in the morning, the sand is cold and very soft. I liked practicing it a lot because is something completely different that fills you with a lot of excitement. Each time I sled, I had to wax the board in order to get a better skid and I sled more than 15 times on the different dunes. At first, our instructor, Roberto, sent me to a small mountain and then it got increasingly higher and faster. It was incredible!

In Venezuela, there is the “Casa de los Pájaros” (Bird House) operator, whom are specialists in guiding through the city of Coro and have all of the correct equipment for SandBoard. They also offer spending the night at their amazing inn with the same number of the operator. It is another one of those wonderful places that will forever remain on my mind. I am very thankful with their Director “Roberto E Stiuv” who taught me the art of Sandboard and the true connection with the nature that we have here.

This weekend I also spent some time with the great Coro promoter “Arianny Valles” who presented me with a lot of laughter and wonderful moments in her natal city.

If you are visiting or living in Venezuela, get excited and participate in this new experience filled with excitement. You can make your reservation and set your appointment at the +58 (282)252.82.15/ +58 416.668.15.66 and get to know more about them at