Sophie Carache, double national champion that wants more

Andreína Peñaloza | Mar 04, 2017

Sophie is a kiteboarder, local to Playa El Yaque. She currently carries the double national title in Kitesurf Slalom and Long Distance. She is a 17 years old sweetheart that has sailed with the riders in the world tour in 2015, when one of the Stops was in Coche Island. Currently she wants to make her dreams a reality and conquer the seas of Venezuela and the world.

How did you get started?

I started when I was 7 years old Windsurfing with my dad “Alexis Carache” who is a very well known windsurfer. He wanted me to be in this sport just like him. At that time, I preferred being at home and play in my computer because I like technology a lot. I wasn’t really that attracted to Windsurfing, I love the Kite but I was too little and wouldn’t dare to tell my dad that I wanted to sail with Kitesurf. I felt pressured but there were also incredible moments like when we would do tandem and sail together, it was a great feeling.

When I was 14 I told my dad that I wanted to do kite and he thought about it… two days later he had enrolled me in a course with Murray Sampson and I finally learned how to Kitesurf.

How has your participation in the National Championship been?

The WK Championship turns 4 years in 2017 and that’s the same amount of years I’ve been sailing. I remember that in my first championship because I would watch amazing riders such as Liloo, Mari Rasta, María Pía, Vicky and Valentina. It has been very rewarding for me to practice in every edition.

My first participation was in the amateur category and I won first place, as well as in the next year. In 2016, I got into professional and achieved the highest place in the podium as well. That gives me a lot of motivation to keep training.


The WK Championship is only for long distance modalities right now. What do you think about Freestyle?

I like learning this sport and doing new tricks motivates me to spend more time in the water. Currently, my Cabrinha equipment are Freestyle and I don’t know how to keep doing the championship because I need kites for Slalom. However, I’m always looking for new experiences amongst jumps and new maneuvers.

My goal is to learn more than competing because I want to be know all I can about this sport. I recently did the Foil modality and I was in for four hours until I managed to stand. I was doing this for a couple of days and I would like to learn Kitesurf with the surf board (strapless) as well. I want to enjoy all the modalities there are in Kiteboarding.

What do you study?

I’m studying Graphic Design at IUTIRLA in Margarita, I already finished the first semester. Right now, my routine is going to Porlamar where the university is at, then going to the gym to do functional exercises, then I come home in Playa El Yaque, have lunch and sail in the afternoons. I also get together with some friends at 07:00pm at “Los Morochos” court in order to train with the jumping rope, leagues and weights. During the weekends, I help my grandmother wat her empanadas kiosk in the main street of El Yaque, then I have lunch and sail. In my family my mom and dad always support me with my plans and projects but with the balance of having my studies up to date in order to be a respected and happy woman, always in the right road.

You recently had a lesion in a finger. How are you right now?

Yes, I went sailing during the first days of February and trying to do a new trick I fell with my index finger on the bar and fractured it. It didn’t hurt that much at the moment but then I went to the doctor and they put it in a cast for two weeks.

Right now, I’m much better and I’ll do the correct rehab so that it won’t affect me in the first competition of 2017 in the WK Championship, which will take place in Barcelona from March 17 to March 19.

Who are your sponsors?

My dad has been a great supporter; he looked for distributors in Venezuela for Cabrinha, AmericaKites and “Surf Paradise Shop”. Currently they are the ones that provide me with complete equipment to sail. They keep up with my performance and I help them by making publicity to the store. In addition, I have the sponsorship of the Giorni glasses with their stores in the airports and different distributors. Bungaloo Project also helps me with their eco-bags made with Kite fabric. Sponsorship is very important for me, that’s why I always do my best effort so that those that support me are always proud of me and want to keep fueling me with their brands. I’m also part of the Team VzlaKite along with other riders of the country.


@SophieCarache is a very disciplined athlete and her talent keeps spreading. Let the wind and the good vibes keep coming for this Yaque girl.