Wonderland Healing Center in Koh Phangan: the perfect place for Yoga Lovers

Andreína Peñaloza | Apr 12, 2020
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Wonderland Healing Center in Koh Phangan is the best place in the world that I have visited  to find yourself through Yoga, a diet free of meat and with tools that help the soul such as:

* Meditation

* Kirtan songs

* Ancestral therapies

* Thai massages

* Very good vibrations throughout the Resort

It has the title of “Resort” because it is a center using the “all included” format. All the rooms are very nice and you can choose if you want to share or have a private room, you have schedules every day to receive yoga classes (of all styles). You can find them on the website www.wonderlandhc.com and on the interactive screens of the center.

The food is in an open buffet format, under the excellence of a Thai chef you will find the richest vegan recipes you have ever tasted. It is open to everyone for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can always drink coffee and tea.

By Alvaro GM

Yoga and Detox?

There is also the “Detox” format because the Center also offers you a menu that is only juices throughout the day so that you can detoxify and connect more with your soul and body.

About the vegan menu, they explain you that it is strong and sometimes difficult to take. So it’s up to you whether you want to take it or not.

I think it is paradise for vegans and those who eat a diet free of animal protein. In my case, it was very difficult because my body asked for meat and it is something that I feel goes beyond my desires of “wanting to do it”. Some people comment that it is because of my O Positive, blood type, because it is the first blood type and the explanation is that the first humans hunted and were super carnivores. Other people consider that I have been eating animal protein all my life and removing it all at once is very difficult.

Wonderland Healing Center in Koh Phangan

However, it’s interesting to live in that lighter world… I really enjoyed meeting and breathing it. I think the Wonderland Healing Center gives you the opportunity to connect with yourself. It can be through the food, the more than 6 classes a day of Yoga included or maybe through the very community that is created in the Hotel.

They are travelers from all over the world who come here for that call to self connection. They can be successful entrepreneurs who want some time for themselves or also people who are already in tune and want to go deeper inside them selves.

About Koh Phangan Island

Southern Thailand is known to be the most exotic and spectacular region. There are several paradisiacal islands and Koh Phangan is also well known in this area. Especially for the “Full Moon Party” where once a month, hundreds of people visit the island to celebrate that the moon is illuminating the whole world.

Besides this great celebration, Koh Phangan has become known for having excellent Yoga teachers living there, the vibration of the island is quite healthy, offering a connection for the tourists themselves through the smiles of the locals, the good service and the amazing climate of Thailand. An island that is visited with more sunshine from November to June.



This Yoga center is ideal for those who already practice this discipline and wish to make an individual or even group retreat. It is a magical place for those who want to experience in body and soul a detox or vegan diet, combined with holistic therapies and Thai massages.

My experience was very enriching, full of rest and tranquility. Ideal days to finish my trip to Thailand.

You can look at other travelers’ opinions on Tripadvisor about this place. They are all positive with 5 stars!

Find them also at Instagram @wonderland_healing_center and if you do go, remember that the ideal is to coordinate it with the Moon Party so that you have an amazing experience, within a spectacular one. Please remember to send vibes to the entire community from a January 2020 traveler who enjoyed her stay at this Peace Resort.















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