Skateboarding as a lifestyle in Caracas

Luis Sánchez | Jun 17, 2020
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captura-de-pantalla-2016-11-16-a-las-15-09-45Going through Caracas we may find a lot of urban cultures but the most relevant is without a doubt, Skateboarding.

A great part of the young population in Caracas and Venezuela have adopted this sport as a lifestyle since a few years back. Some wish to be professionals while others only practice it on their free time in order to enjoy it and distract their minds.

In Caracas we have several installations for Skateboarding practice and there you can find the little ones of the house to the oldest ones as well as people that teach others their passion.

A lot of people perceive skaters in the city as bumps or people without a future and they’re wrong. Skaters go through the city with their skates enjoying every day and, at the same time, to their jobs and places of study.

There is motivated youth determined to keep the little ones away from bad habits. In the extreme square in Los Símbolos Freiman Gamez dedicates is Sunday mornings to teach the little ones the art of Skateboarding.

At the extreme park of Chacao is Edwin “the Chinese” who dedicates his afternoon from Monday to Friday to teach those that one to learn how to skate.

Young skaters skate through the city skate parks enjoying every minute in which they can practice the sport, taking advantage of each moment. Not even the rain can stop them.

A lot of Skateboarding talents such as Edison Azuaje and Irving Fuentes have been formed in Caracas although they have had to migrate to countries like Panamá and Spain looking for a way to exploit their talent and find the needed sponsors.

Skaters in Caracas say that Skateboarding is more than a sport, a lifestyle.

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