Hoverboard: Marty McFly’s skateboard

Andreína Peñaloza | Nov 18, 2016
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2-hoverboard-aruba-extrema-conoce-descubre-bonbini1In a time where technology makes awe-inspiring advances, Marty McFly’s skateboard in the movie Back to the Future is possible if we sail overwater. Its name is Hoverboard and it works with the propulsion of a water bike which gives it strength through a hose connected to the board.

We started dreaming about the flying skateboard in 1989, when in Back to the Future II Michael J. Fox would jump on a board without wheels that hovered centimeters from the ground. He would go through the city with his skate, flying even above water. If you can picture this scene over a Hoverboard in Palm Beach then you’re about to be very happy because through the company “Red Sail” you can now experience it, Hollywood style.

You can perform this activity in Aruba thanks to the technology and security provided by www.redsailaruba.com. The class begins with the presentation of the item and a bit of theory in order to better understand how it works and be able to sail with greater precision through the sea. Then, we enter the water wearing a helmet connected to the lead instructor. He’ll be observing from the pear and will add or decrease potency to the propulsion. This is the safest and more fun way to fly on a Hoverboard since you can count with the professionalism of another guide that will be with you in the flat sea of Palm Beach.

The idea is to get on the board and get your balance as soon as the propulsion takes you flying over the sea. You must keep your back straight and bend your knees just a little so that you can have a better posture on the board and have the most fun.

The Hoverboard is without a doubt one of the activities I have enjoyed the most in the happy island. Its fusion of speed with complete connection with nature is amazing.

Make your reservation and get in touch with our friends from www.redsailsaruba.com. They are the only ones that will offer the Hoverboard to the tourists visiting Aruba.

Masha Danki Dushi!


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