About us

Espíritu Aloha is a life philosophy in order to discover your true spiritual nature though self-knowledge that teaches a way of life in order to always keep mind, body and spirit in unity. This will generate a state of happiness in each detail of life. It is the road of life.

The translation “Aloha” is the expression that Hawaiians use in order to greet each other. It’s “love.” It’s a sacred word that possess profound symbolism on the islands. Love means to be happy with something or someone and this love or happiness is potentiated to its maximum level when it’s shared.

We want everyone to connect with Espiritu Aloha because we all have it inside of us. Some days is more present than other but it’s always there.

That’s why we’re a window for you to get to read articles that connect you with yourself.


andreina_penalozaAndreína Penaloza

Espíritu Aloha Director and Editor

She’s a journalist dedicated to the coverage of adventure tourism. Her beginnings in Venezuela have made her an “extreme reporter” for his wish to practice what she preaches in adventure sports matters.

Her purpose is that people find in Espíritu Aloha a portal that freshens up their minds and connect people with their own thoughts.

From years ago her mission is to create an adventure tourism network and that extreme athletes are more known around the world.

Her job is a fusion between digital technology, through this website and social media and the sports arena.

Follow her and get to know her day-to-day like in @Andreina_P



victorVictor Gonzalez

Web developer

Computer engineer dedicated to web development.

National selection of Underwater Rugby, promoter of subaquatic activities in the country. His mission is to go to each country in which this sport is played.

He practices other sports such as MTB, Windsurf, Apnea, Diving and Trail Running.

Get to know his work in coninfra.us and @victoranto





daniel_rondonDaniel Rondon

Graphic Designer

Daniel is focused in making incredible and unique concepts come to life in amazing digital experiences. He creates new solutions with distinctive visual appearance.